iWAM – The inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation

A quick and simple way to discover below conscious motivators and working preferences

What does iWAM measure?

What reports are available?

Example Reports

So, what is the investment required?

The inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation is based on the classic research into motivation in the workplace done by Roger Bailey. He originally developed a set of 14 questions that, when asked, will always reveal the below conscious motivators and working preferences of the person who answers. For more on this tool see the Language and Behaviour Profile. In order to enable a cost effective and efficient way of profiling people at work he also produced a self assessment questionnaire.

This questionnaire was developed into the online profiling tool called the ‘inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation’ (iWAM) by Patrick Merlevede the founder of JobEQ. Patrick is constantly building on his Masters degrees in Cognitive Science and Economics to develop and improve the tool. He is also the author of a number of books on Emotional Intelligence and Coaching and Mentoring.

The iWAM is different to other psychological assessment tests, and is not a personality assessment because it allows quick identification of key motivational patterns in a ‘Work context’. We dislike stereotypes and wanted a tool that allows for the uniqueness of every individual, so the iWAM does not give you a label or colour and put you in a box like so many of the other psychometric tools on the market.

All you need to do is complete a simple online questionnaire that takes about 30 minutes to do and you will then get a surprisingly accurate overview of your Motivation and Working traits.

  • You will get a 15 page profile report and a personal 1-2-1 feedback session so you understand your profile and ensure it is accurate (In studies the iWAM’s accuracy is shown to 90%). It can be adjusted to 100% accuracy by more precise questioning in the feedback session as appropriate.
  • You will get valuable insights about your key motivational drivers:
    • How they influence your perceptions
    • How they influence your behaviour
    • How clients and colleagues may perceive you!
  • The feedback focuses on improving emotional intelligence by raising awareness and understanding.
  • The only exception where one to one feedback is not provided is in recruitment and modelling excellence when it is not possible to do one to one feedback to every person, however everyone who completes the online questionnaire receives a 2 page summary feedback sheet.

One of the main advantages of the iWAM is that it produces a wide variety of very cost effective reports. The Basic Management report gives an overview of the 48 patterns identified in the iWAM.

What does iWAM measure?

The iWAM measures 48 motivational preferences and work attitudes. Here are a few examples:

  • How much initiative do you have at work?
  • How focussed are you on priorities?
  • How motivated are you to solve problems?
  • How do you make decisions?
  • Do you generate alternatives or prefer to follow procedures?
  • How much attention do you have for details?
  • Do you have a big picture focus?
  • Would you be satisfied working with people and their emotions?
  • Are you more productive in a structured / unstructured environment?
  • How often will you need a change in your work to remain motivated?
  • How much do you learn from the past or have a vision for the future?
  • How satisfied will you be working with people?
  • Are you difficult to convince – what strategy convinces you?
  • How tolerant are you of other people’s rules?
  • How much do you need to be in charge?
  • How do you deal with working in a hierarchy?
  • What are your primary drivers at work?

What reports are available?

  • iWAM Management Report
    • This is a detailed overview of each pattern with explanatory notes on the individual’s preferences.
  • iWAM Attitude Sorter Report
    • This shows the top 7 strengths and 3 areas for development.
  • iWAM Attitude Sorter Wheel
    • This illustrates all the patterns in rank order of preference.
  • iWAM Personal Graph
    • This provides a 2 page graphic overview of all the patterns
  • iWAM Communication Report
    • This lists the preferences in rank order and provides key words that can be used to engage and influence the person.
  • Paired Comparison Report
    • This highlights the 10 greatest similarities and the 10 greatest differences between two people who have completed the questionnaire.
  • Team Reports
    • This can show the culture of a team and the bias and preferences within it. It can also highlight the diversity of the team (or lack of it) and how some individuals may have challenges communicating.
  • Model of Excellence
    • This is a specific tool for identifying high performers in a particular job role so you can recruit against it.
  • Profile Ranking Report
    • This allows you to compare any new recruits against the Model.

Example Profiles

Example of a section from the iWAM Personal Graph

Operating Factors:

iWAM Personal Graph - core motivation

Example of an iWAM Attitude Sorter Wheel Graph (with a Paired Comparison) This graph shows all 48 patterns for person ‘A’ from highest to lowest (starting at 12 o’clock.) with the blue lines showing how they compare with ‘B’. The longer the line the greater the difference.

There is also a text explanation of the 10 greatest similarities and the 10 greatest differences.

the iWAM Attitude Sorter Wheel Graph - Paired comparison

Example of a section from a Team Report

This shows each member of the team, 1 person per row. The black bar across the top is the UK national norm. Here you can see at a glance the similarities and differences in a team, and the implications these may have on the culture of the team or even the business.

The iWAM Team Report

For a list of the most popular applications of the iWAM Click Here

So, what is the investment required?

The standard iWAM Profile with 60 minutes of personalised 1-2-1 feedback is £347 plus VAT. This includes:

  • A 15 page report
  • Tailored 1-2-1 feedback that can address some of the issues surrounding the profile in your particular context.
  • This can include:
    • What are the natural strengths that will help you in your work?
    • What are some of the motivational preferences that may be hindering your progress at work?
    • How are you motivational drivers affecting your communication with clients and how they perceive you.
    • Considering your preferences and motivation, how you can become more flexible and effective in your communication with others

The fees for individual and team profiles become more flexible when there are five or more people in the team.

Please contact Amanda.Faramus@InspiredWorking.com to arrange a profile or a discussion that will explore your needs and the best way forward.